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Author Topic: Kweeziland Campaign  (Read 4563 times)
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« Reply #30 on: February 16, 2017, 04:24:31 AM »

Looks like great fun.  Who makes the Zanzibari cavalry?

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« Reply #31 on: February 17, 2017, 01:21:17 AM »

The cav are scratched from Fireforge mongol cav  with GB Arab heads and some sword arms from GB some from FF.  Bandoliers and slung rifles are Warlord Games. There are plasticard strip  straps as required and some have green stuff surcoats.  Quecumba Salad (red turban) is a Perry metal that I got 2nd hand with a GB sword arm and BT shield on FF horse.


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« Reply #32 on: February 17, 2017, 05:10:08 AM »

They look great!

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« Reply #33 on: March 15, 2017, 05:18:57 PM »

Fort Soixante-neuf, bringing French civilization to the people of Kweeziland

* 17342524_10210872170658607_706083078607035538_n.jpg (81.48 KB, 960x540 - viewed 12 times.)

* 17264744_10210872170458602_3869162363699919045_n.jpg (85.14 KB, 540x960 - viewed 10 times.)

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« Reply #34 on: March 15, 2017, 07:31:42 PM »


Sir Rodney Ffing

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« Reply #35 on: March 16, 2017, 12:06:16 PM »

Fort Soixante-neuf, bringing French civilization to the people of Kweeziland

But will it be manned by regular troops?  Better check the storehouse to find out!  Laugh

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« Reply #36 on: March 16, 2017, 07:29:07 PM »

bringing French civilization to the people of Kweeziland
Whether they want it or not!

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« Reply #37 on: April 08, 2017, 06:45:42 PM »

Round 4 :Action  at  U’booti

Round 4  games started with the French launching an attack column into a tribal area following the ‘Take the High Road’ scenario. We changed things a little in that the French had to establish a bridge head across the river to succeed, the tribal forces didn’t have soft cover around the bridge but could hold any number of units in reserve for a flank attack.
Following Commandant Rene Renault’s  recent alcohol driven  questionable performances a new commander was  appointed, the freshly arrived in the colonies  Duq D’arling.  Renault was  the 2iC but under the watchful eye  of  D’arling.  Renault rolled for 7+ leadership  but managed to avoid  the ‘Drunkard’ trait this time around instead being ‘Cad’. For his part D’arling was a  6+ leader with ‘ Jolly Sporty’ allowing his unit to move at +2” at the double.
The French  had two units of irregular infantry (Tirallieurs), a unit of irregular  Spahi colonial cavalry, some unenthusiastic  tribal levy and a unit of  Elite French Foreign Legion.
The tribals were led by the aging Unkl Rumpo and aesthetically challenged Desmond Tetsi . Their    leadership  was  7+ all round with  ‘Bald as a Coot’ and ‘Ugly’ Clearly inspiring leadership  was going to be in short supply  for the tribals. They had two veteran, fierce units, two standard units and two unenthusiastic units.
The objective was the small bridge crossing the  U’booti river.

The idyllic looking U’booti  river valley, don’t be fooled by that small looking river, being impassable except by bridge  its clearly wider and deeper than it looks on the photos, it  would probably  be crocodile  infested as well if the hippos hadn’t killed them all.

The French  started off with initiative as the attackers and in a hitherto unseen display of co-ordination managed to move all their infantry units except the tribal levy up to the river bank  all doubling up at around the  same move distance. Clearly D’arling was having a sobering influence on Renaults previously haphazard approach to command.

French units moving across the battlefield in a  co-ordinated manner – almost as if they were listening to their orders.

For their part the Tribals kept two units for a flank attack  and four units on the far side of the river, two in cover and two ready to contest the  bridge.

The tribals  first order to the units near the bridge was ‘Go to Ground’ . One of the units was clearly not listening  to Rumpo’s  indistinct  croakings as it failed repeatedly and took several casualties failing pinning  and  rallying tests and falling back from the river in disorder. The second unit although gone to ground was targeted by close range shooting and again pinned.

Neither commands nor bullets convinced this unenthusiastic tribal unit to go to ground

Tribal attempts to bring on the flank attackers failed dismally ( they needed 6 on turn 2, 5,6 on turn 3 etc) until the  5th and 6th rounds by which time their comrades at the bridge had  taken several casualties each.

A late arrival of veteran tribals, clearly they got distracted on their flank march.

The French tribal levy, by now moving in support of their column screened their comrades for a round  manfully taking shooting casualties from one of the flank attackers and eager to impress passed their pinning test.

That gave D’arling the time he needed to get his Spahis into action and  leading them  with elan  he dealt the tribal unit a severe beating in two rounds of combat.

The dazzling display of gaudily clad French cavalry  was clearly too much for the tribal forces who fell back overawed .

With one flank secured D’arling raced his cavalry across the field of battle  to prevent the second flanking tribal  unit  from launching a charge at the bridge. He may have had some help from the tribal levy but I’m sure that won’t be mentioned in dispatches.

Dash, elan and 19th century bling what more could you want from a commander

Meanwhile at the bridge the natives launched two attacks at the Tirallieurs both should have won  but both ended up in draws with the tribal units severely depleted after shooting and now melee casualties,

Two attacks with advantage to the Tribals, both repulsed (drawn) by the stout defence of the Tirallieurs

The sorry state of things  for the tribals as the game draws to a close

In the final turn the Tirallieurs, unopposed by any enemy units planted the tricolore on the far  bank of the U’booti  gaining a full victory for the forces of La Republique.

As dusk falls on the victorious days actions D’arling explains to Renault the awe inspiring qualities that a bright, shiny uniform has on the natives.


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« Reply #38 on: April 08, 2017, 09:43:08 PM »

Another excellent write up Pete.....you can never over state the effect of shiny uniforms have on the natives!

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« Reply #39 on: April 21, 2017, 03:03:31 AM »

Fight for the M’Pooping pass

The scenario was again based on ‘Take The High Road’ from the rule book. This time the point to be seized was a pass into the M’Pooping foot hills which controlled access to the tribal heartlands. The colonial force was a German Imperial strike column marching to seize the pass, the defenders a tribal force.
The Germans rolled  +5 leadership for the commander & 2iC however Haidenfhart was back to his usual shaky self with ‘bag of nerves’ trait.  Von Krumpwinkle the 2 iC was  ‘a dammed fine fellow’ so at least neutral in trait. The Germans looked at the French tactics in their game and decided that tribal levy were the way to go but  ‘out- frenching’  the French took two units instead of one to guard the flanks of their   two standard  regular units and one elite unit 

In what was to prove an evening of poor rolling at crucial times the tribals rolled  +6 leadership for their commander  Nasti  N’vishus but he was ‘brutal’.  His 2iC  Haile Suspishus was a better prospect at +5 leadership and ‘destined for greatness’ though again dice rolls at crucial times were to let him down. The tribals took 3 x standard units with fierce and one elite unit with fierce.

A view from the forested plains to the pass through the M’Pooping  foothills.

The Germans set off in columns all marching more or less together and dispatching the tribal levy as a flank guard.

All that time on the drill square clearly paid off- not like that random French meandering in the previous game.

The tribals kept one unit out of sight in the foothills  on each flank and sent out one unit on each flank to infiltrate behind the German columns. Nasti’s units tried to avoid rolling at all costs and carried out free actions where possible.
Nasti  N’Vishus surveys the scene of his planned for glory unfortunately the dice had other plans for him.

Nasti N’Vishus’s  flanking unit deciding to try to move at the double, a risky option applying a -2 to their leaderhip.

What followed next proved a debacle for the tribal forces. They decided to charge the German tribal levy to chase it off but  movements on both flanks fell short and they received some spears from the levy and  rifle rounds from the German regulars which caused casualties before combat could start.

Despite his -2 to leadership Nasti’s  flank force charged  home and defeated their  levy opposition however in subsequent rounds the levy rallied and stood firm. The  tribals now were in light cover and received some accurate regular shooting.

As the levy fall back and rally (all 4 of them) the tribal assault on the regulars falls painfully short

Things panned out similarly on the other flank though here the levy eventually won their combat.

Maybe those levy weren’t really so unenthusiastic

As noted earlier in an effort to relieve their colleagues the two tribal units  had passed charge actions and threw themselves down the hill at the regulars. Both could have reached with doubling both just failed leaving them as short range targets for the regulars.

Rolling a 1 and a 2 for extra movement wasn’t enough to double into combat but was enough to leave the tribals as a tempting target.

Nasti’s units were soon fleeing given the effect of his brutal trait.  Haile’s units fought on for longer but poor dice in the melee and rallying phases meant they were whittled down  leaving the Germans to seize the pass unopposed.

With only two enemies left in the unit Haidenfhart  felt brave enough to advance on to the objective.

The German suffered no regular casualties so not testing the nervy Haidenfhart urge to leave his men in the lurch in this game

Traveler Man

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Posts: 1342

« Reply #40 on: April 21, 2017, 10:40:44 PM »

Great stuff!  Smiley

"It's amusing, it's amazing, and it's never twice the same: It's the salt of true adventure, and the glamour of the game."

Talbot Mundy, The Ivory Trail.

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