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Author Topic: 3 companies ± inspired from French movies: lacepunk and steampunk outlines  (Read 18178 times)
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« on: March 10, 2014, 05:27:06 PM »

Development of preliminary ideas posted on the French IHMN-devoted forum.

I don't intend to build these companies (and anybody could have the same similar inspiration and ideas, anyway) so if somebody is tempted to develop them further please let him (very few 'her' among us) feel free!

1 - The Fraternity of  John the Presbyter
Inspiration and characteristics: the Catholic fundamentalists in rebellion against the State and the Church of 'Brotherhood of the Wolf'.
Revolted by the secularization of the century  (the Encyclopédie and Voltaire in the Age of Enlightenment, Marx et Darwin in the Victorian era) an ultra-Catholic group turns to apocalyptic millenarianism and aims to trigger Armageddon in order to hasten the Second Coming.
In the movie the group is associated with what looks like gypsies. Now the Roms came from India and in their tongue their Patron Saint Sarah, 'Sarah the Black', is called Sara e Kali: suggesting the existence of an utterly secret strangler cult among them. To have Kâlî-worshiping assassins associated with the devout Catholics would be nicely symmetrical to the top level courtesan - assassin in the (secret) service of the Papacy. Because of the 'wheel of time' Kâlî like many Hindu  deity is a creator as well as a destroyer: her worshipers would be comfortable with Christians devoted to trigger the eschathological battle putting the current world to its end.

A religious company (fanaticism) rejecting 'futuristic' weapons (traditionalism) reinforced with 1 or 2 Assassins / Ninjas ; the 'basic troop type' being a highly motivated but totally inexperienced layman, it may need to be 'boosted' by  a pair of veteran military types?

Major characters:
- 18th C. priesters: now, a cassock is not the best fighting garment, but by then some priests indeed dressed in black clothes of 'civilian' cut: paint the miniature of  Protestant preacher of the time with a black collar edged white (and black stockings) and you have an 'active' Catholic priest. Black Hussar and Foundry each have a SYW Prussian chaplain, yet in relatively 'peaceful' poses, and Front Rank has a religious character in tricorne and breeches but in  peacefully preaching; but the Galloping Major FIW pistol-wielding Parson is simply perfect.
Yet such priests would be ultra-traditionalists and thus unlikely to dress in clothes of 'secular' cut, even if to fight for the Cause: militant priests in cassock are available, e.g. the *armed* -and thus specially appropriate- Perry Carlists, RAFM vampire hunting priest with crossbow and (without true weapons) and the Westwind Vatican Hit Squad (ready to burn the miscreants !) but to fit in the 18th C. they need to receive a tricorne by 'headswapping': the WF WSS plastics are a great source of male heads in tricorne (and many useful bits);  the Perry armed monks are directly useable.
Then, there is also Victoria Lamb 'Spanish Inquisition', painted in black instead of red (and with C.H's 'Louis Blériot crosses the Channel, 1909' helmet replaced with a tricorne).

- 19th C. priesters: Perry armed clergy has a fitting 'traditionalist' look (but the basque beret is... embarrassing).
For a secular leader Anima Tactics's 'Rheinhold' (ebay ?) looks impressive ; Wyrd (Malifaux) Guild Guards' somehow 'hispanic' appearance suggesting Catholicism. Traditionally (upper class) devout  men are depicted in black clothes.

Assassin(s) :
- Kali priestesses, any period : Crooked Dice ones are appealing, probably 'too much' to appear in such bigot company?

- 18th C. :
. this Fenryll,
. Black Cat Bases bounty hunter,
. Bombshell Mira if given a tricorne,
. Magnificent Egos / Valiant Pilgrims,
. some of the 'A touch of Evil' figurines, for instance 'Heinrich', the 'Scarlet Shadow', 'Argot',
. Freebooter Assassins,
. Black Scorpion hooded pirate and
. North Star hooded pirate (both have a kind of 'Assassin's Creed' look),
. Laughing Monk 'gunslinger' Chateur, 'sniper' Macintyre, Running Elk and the Scarlet Woman,
. 'Carnevale' Rialto*, Capodecime*, Meretriz, the Venice citizens, the Syphilitic, the Noble and the Duke,
. several pirates specially from Black Scorpion,
. some OSW highwaymen...
can be used in this role ; few (*?) have a "romano" look (even if fanciful) but (against Assassin's Creed) an assassin needs to pass unnoticed until the very instant he strikes, and gypsies always arose suspicion.
Nevertheless, can Reaper Harrower be seen as wielding a rummel / strangling scarf? Ravenloft (OOP: ebay?) had nice gypsy dancers that deserve to be mentioned.

- both periods : Dark Sword Hooded, dual wield and female ones,
both Sphere Wars Ziech,
the new Wyrd Witchling Stalkers and
as feminine, Sphere Wars 'Lookout' and 'Tax Collector',
Dark Age Arbiter of Balance, Skaard, Bounty Hunter, and (with a 'period' pistol) Warwind are relatively 'timeless'.

- 19th C. : Zenit Executioners .

The muscle :  

- religious:
- 18th C. monks: Tony Aldrich's Spanish guerilla monks and the Perry Carlist monks; a few isolated in various ranges, e.g. Napoleonic Tyroleans (Eureka) and Spanish guerillas;

- both periods : Westwind Brotherhood, both from the Vampire Wars and the EotD (partly inappropriate for the 18th C.: trousers) ranges ;

[Btw, for nuns with a more 'active' role, I dream of someone converting four nuns with respectively 2 ninjato, 2 nunchaku, 1 bō staff and a pair of sai to have the quartet of sisters Leonarda, Michelangela, Donatella and Raphaela...];

- armed civilians
Probably the most frequently type of miniatures appearing in an IHMN (or EoTD, or Strange Aeons, for that matter) game;
- 18th C.: fortunately the choice is surprisingly rich:
. occasional armed men in 'civilian' sets: Blue Moon, Foundry...
. pirates useable 'on dry land': Black Scorpion, Crusader... but some 30 manufacturers offer at least 2 or 3 pirates miniatures,
. highwaymen (btw 18th C. police officers are traditionally depicted as 'men in black'),
but most are only lightly armed, so FIW armed settlers (such as those of Galloping Major / Loyalhanna Outpost) are the best source of 18th C. civilians with shoulder weapons (only few AWI militiamen are useable, fashion having evolved, same for the Westwind Sleepy Hollow range);
{with the rich diversity of available miniatures it would easily be possible to create eye-candy Lacepulp / Lacepunk IHMN companies of the 18th C. incarnations of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Torchwood, for instance}

- 19th C.: rich choice, constantly enriched with the success of EotD and IHMN.

- military types :
- 18th C.: such 'unhistorical' soldiers -retired military hired officially as game keepers / hunters?- provide an opportunity to put Lace Wars soldiery in uniforms of obviously 'historically inaccurate' cut to good use, such as Black Scorpion Marines (Foundry Von Kleist are almost compatible) and Privateer Press Tempest Gun Mages; grey uniforms with black facings, in remembrance of the 'sergeants' of the Military Orders in the Holy Land?

- 19th C.: ACW infantrymen with kepi, painted in the colors  of pontifical zouaves, or in the indigo of the Vatican Swiss Guard n° 2 dress (purple' would be glorious but a little ?) or (for Irish Fenians) with green kepi and jacket, dark grey trousers....

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Age: 73
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« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2014, 05:27:30 PM »

2 - The Sons / The Blood of the Martyrs    /  The Avengers
(no, not John Steed, Cathy Gale, Emma Peel and Tara King, though their characters would made the nucleus of a pleasant company in any period)
Inspiration and charactéristics: the nazis of Crimsom Rivers II, spiced with those of Hellsing Ultimate.
No nazi survivors before WW2 of course, but the descendants of victims of merciless persecutions / a 'crusade' (Cathars, Templars, Hussites, the Priory of Sion...) hell-bent on vengeance for centuries. To make good for their small number they are creating an army of 'controlled' artificial  vampires (in Hellsing by inserting an electronic 'chip', in earlier times by grafting inside the body a 'germ' of tissue taken from a regenerating 'true' vampire: yes, basically the idea of the 'gene seed' of the Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines).
Their leader's bodyguard is a very powerful werewolf (paradoxical situation symmetric to Dracula being the top field operative of the vampire hunters as 'Alucard'); a super-werwolf actually since (partly failed attempt of 'vampirization'?) he does not age.
In Crimsom Rivers II the nazis have ninja-monks but this type is already fielded by the previous company and the vampires / werewolves association is more original.
The Millenium troops are carried by an armada of V1-armed super-zeppelins, thus the company would have access to 'advanced' (possibly 'galvanic') weaponry.

A company combining a leadership of 'improved' humans and vampires, mentally controlled troops and a werewolf, with some 'futuristic' weaponry.

Figurines :
Major characters :
- 18th C.: Black Cat Bases 'vampire lord' for the 'Major' (a cyborg, btw, so one-eyed Carnevale Ludopata with his cane and wooden pose would be more appropriate?) & Reaper 'Skinsaw man' (optimally with green stuff or thick paper cuffs) for the Doktor,
- 19th C.:  a plethora of charismatic vampires, but Anima Tactics 'Arkham' is impressive.

religious, both periods: for a 'deviant' clergy , Aberrant Games Vatacina faction is a good source,
. see also Anima Tactics 'Church agent;
. for the 19th C. the feminine version {males being incited to join the fighting branch?} is pleasant, Sarah Reinold is compatible.
There is no reason to feel restricted to black cassocks, white is the color traditionally associated with purity and the 'sacerdotal function'.

Werewolf, both periods: this ogre sized one (nice vignette!) would be perfect: origin? Old Games Workshop ? Otherwise this old Rackham / Confrontation (ebay?) would fit while Tale of War 'Ardolf Pellan' is currently available; Privateer Press also have some nice 'warpwolves'.

The muscle :
- 18th C.: since many vampires in miniature share facial features with Elves,
. some Black Scorpion pirates Elves (males, and without that silly Napoleonic bicorne!), but the choice is quite limited and they are lightly armed (give them odd-looking muskets?), hence:

. Alternative Armies 'Dark' Elves and 'Armorican' ones in # 18th C.-compatible uniforms;

. if not used elsewhere PP Tempest Gun Mages certainly bear (vril, given the background? Unless they use orgone?) kraftpistolen, and for once their goggles would be justified, protecting their eyes from sunlight (btw, I don't know about Lord Ruthven, and Lenore was not a vampire anyway, but Carmilla certainly did not shun full daylight: when did heliophobia become part of the vampirical canon ?).
(BS Elves are *tall*, AA ones and probably PP humans are *huge*? These artificial vampires are bioengineered, remember! [1])

2 other possibilities? BCB 'Undead Marines' painted with 'pale flesh' skin could be used for 'inferior' vampires,
Aberrant Vatacina Guard, its 'Flash Gordon' helmet replaced with a tricorne, would combine a fanciful quasi-18th C. uniform with 'Xpunk'  weapons: but both ranges are very small).

19th C.:
. Rackham (Confrontation) Griffin Fusiliers combine an appropriate 'clerical' dress and steampunk goggles with an 'odd' appearance fitting for vampire (ebay?);

. failing that, tthe artificial vampires being 'controlled, Parroom (Brigade Games) 'Enslaved Troops'.

For the main color of the uniforms, Hussite banners were red.

1:  Mixing miniatures from different ranges even of same nominal scale is always difficult with *regulars* (and specially so for 'Lace Wars' battle games where units -deployed in 'close order', the men tightly packed- look better if seemingly ready to fight a clones war), because differences of actual size and sculpting style impact also on clothes, equipment and weapons. Generally the mixing is to be limited to a commander, a drummer… with a little more freedom for Freikorps and light troops.

But on the other hand in 'skirmish' games where miniatures are normally not in base to base contact, or / and specially when it comes to *irregulars*  or 'characters' the diversity of individual features visualizes the irregular nature of a 'warband' / company / faction of people providing their own clothes and weapons. In real life people vary in size (in 1/60 Adriana Karembeu and Pamela Anderson would differ by some 5mm) and silhouette (compare now Pamela Anderson with Kate Moss).
Because many figurines sculptors use 'dollies' the real life differences between people are generally *underrepresented* in miniatures.

Additionally one can play on the thickness of the base by some ± 1.5 – 2mm: not only by increasing it for smaller minis, but by removing the original base of a 'huge / tall' mini and gluing / soldering it to a thin metal piece. During a game minis are not at eye level, are not seen exactly from the size but mostly from above. Differences of tallness and of base thickness are quite unobtrusive, visual homogeneity is provided mostly by the decoration / flocking of the bases.
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« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2014, 05:27:58 PM »

3 - The Eugenist Circle (of the Thousand Daughters) / Regeneration  Lodge /  (1000) Daughters  / Essentialist Coven
Inspiration and characteristics: the Lebensborn of The Crimsom Rivers, but purely feminine (a quasi-Bene Gesserit) with 'Earth Mother worshipers' overtones;
major characters are endowed with awesome psychic powers but, 'feminist' and thus 'modernist' the faction doesn't reject 'modern' weapons;
the cult of Gaia can justify support from wild beasts (nice vignette again!) or 'children of Nature' such as huldras (maybe with some psychic powers) but, more impressively, the specialization in biology may allow the creation of 'bioconstructs', of a 'flesh golem'.

An all-female company emphasizing psy powers, reinforced with a humanoïd 'bioconstruct'.

Figurines :
Major characters:
- 18th C.: now, Black Cat Bases vampire queen and Foundry female Revenant Elves (their ears 'normalized') look a little odd, but what would you expect from women of the  Bene Gesserit type?
GW Vampire countesses could also fit the bill.
In the 18th C. most people would perceive them as 'witches', and indeed witches can be seductive, don't have to be repulsive hags in Disney®©™ Halloween regulation uniform.

- both periods: Hasslefree Lenore provides the Mistress of the Lodge / Reverend Sister / Great Priestess...  who counts almost exclusively on her psychical powers,
assisted by Aberrant Sister Carmine who combines psy powers and material (but maybe 'magical'?) weapons.

-  19th C.: Pulp Figures female cultists can represent assistants / diaconesses (paint them with a mask if their goggles look too ridiculous).

Flash golem:
- 18th C.: Sphere Wars Scions of Kurgan offer a choice of humanoid monstrosities, also some from Dark Ages, Wyrd...  
a Bloodweaver would make a colorful 'controller', though for visual homogeneity one of the Foundry female Elves would probably be a better fit;

- 19th C.: Anima Tactics 'Raziel', looking 'biomechanical', would fir better in a steampunk context? The same for the Wyrd 'Flesh Construct'...

The muscle :
- 18th C. :  
. female  pirates with tricornes, but they are lightly armed: give them muskets, e.g. slung across the back? 'Historical accuracy' would require to give those in mini-skirt (paint) skin-tight breeches.

. Eureka 'Sandras' are afaik the only good miniatures of 18th C. female soldiers (Laughing Monk 'Lady Jane's Rifles' are hideous, their legs swelled by elephantiasis) but the poses are less adequate for a 'skirmish game' than for a formal pitched battle;

. Freebooter arquebusieres could fit, but unfortunately are sold as members of mixed couples; their sergeant could provide a 'sniper', nonetheless.

-  19th C.: a golden opportunity to bring Hinterland 'hussarettes' in the world of IHMN.

The colors traditionally associated with fertility, revitalization,  the '3rd function', are green, then (dark) blue, occasionally  gold yellow.
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« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2014, 06:10:46 PM »

Now: Brotherhood of the Wolf is a +++ AAA class movie!

Nice ideas! Congrats!

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« Reply #4 on: March 11, 2014, 09:18:59 PM »

As a bonus: the Plague Bearers and the Bennet Circle
The year is 1746. Having evaded La Bourdonnais's patrols in the Indian Ocean the Buxom Strumpet back from the East Indies reaches at last the shores of Old England. Unbeknown to the crew the only passenger, a fallen nobleman who had to leave Hertfordshire under cloud, brings back a couple of Sumatran Rat Monkeys as the tool of his vengeance:

An excuse to play 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' by the time of Barry Lyndon.

Figurines wise, there is no difficulty to build the Lizzy Bennet IHMN company, with a wide choice for the leading character(s):
. 'individuals' (Laughing Monk,  Flying Frog, Valiant...),
. FIW settlers (Conquest, RAFM,  Westwind...)  
. Pirates, chiefly (Black Scorpion, Bronze Age, Eureka, Freebooter (heavy support weapon!), Moonlight, Reaper...).

A sequel of decay Shocked
For the zombies of the demented nobleman (& 1 or 2 friends of the Hellfire Club?)'s company, there are several ranges of undead pirates (and even some marines);
* but the simplest way to have zombies in any 'period' dress is to 'zombify' normal miniatures. As with extra in movies, merely a matter of some cosmetics (very minor and easy conversions) and chiefly of make-up (painting).

And for the Sumatran Rat Monkeys Uncle Mike's (Strange Aeons) 'familiars' look great (though unarmed, naked (15mm?) wererats would also be adequate, even if more 'monkey' and less 'rat' than this vintage one).
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« Reply #5 on: March 15, 2014, 11:07:21 PM »

A possible concern about playing IHMN in the 'Horse & Musket' period could be the balance between 'shooting' and the other types of attack. At the scale of the game the range and stopping power of breech-loaded firelocks is not an issue, but what about their slower rate of fire?
Well, in the rules the blunderbuss costs less because of the time required to reload. All 'normal' 18th C. blackpowder weapons would benefit of the same 'discount'. As for the 'advanced' ('Lacepunk' instead of steampunk) weapons -mostly fully efficient and reliable versions of historical prototypes- they would have roughly the characteristics of the Colts, Chassepots and Winchester of the Victorian era, and thus would cost only as the 'basic' weapons in the rules. The points so 'saved' would allow to 'buy' other additional advantages and /or maybe field one or two more figurines?
Note that according to their ethos these diverse companies / factions will vary in their attitude toward 'modern' weapons: 'traditionalists' such as the Priory of Sion and the Templars are likely to shun them, 'modernists' such as the Free Masons or 'Lacepunk' / 'Lacepulp' by their very nature' such as the 18th C. ancestors of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Torchwood will probably favor them, for instance using 'galvanic' weapons, throwing Leyden jars rather than holy water at 'supernatural' creatures...

Anyway, it has already be done, and successfully: as mentioned on this board, LAF member Shadowkings IHMN company of pirates

already faced Atlantians and a native Death Cult: great AAR and spectacular eye-candy! I hope next time they'll land in a new 'Mysterious / Skull Island' they'll face a company of Tékumeli priestesses and amazons backed by an armored Ahoggya for the 'muscle'
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« Reply #6 on: March 18, 2014, 04:24:51 PM »

Les Diables du Gévaudan

In the cheap TV movie 'La Bête du Gévaudan' produced in the wake of 'Brotherhood of the Wolf' the 'evil baron' again had journeyed to some far away tropical lands. But instead of having brought back a 'beast' he came back changed himself (periodically) into a monster: having been initiated (like that captain Obed Marsh who brought the shadow over Innsmouth) in a native cult promising eternal life in exchange of young human blood (± Elizabeth Bathory fashion?).

Thus, what if the Beast of Gévaudan was, not a werewolf but a kind of vampire, or at least a man behaving like one?

One is not a company so let's suppose he brought back with him a priest of the cult, possibly with  a few bodyguards

(btw what happened to Fiendish Fabrications?)
which suggests that himself would look (before any minor conversion) like this:

Now for discretion (and budget) sake he could have brought back only a priestess

and a pair of native warriors

and would himself look like the Westwind Librarian

Of course such companions cannot go shopping unnoticed, so the baron need more unobtrusive henchmen: sailors he converted during the journey back home (pirates minis in not too blatantly 'on board' dress)?

But if he not only behaves like a vampire, but was actually turned into a real one, with shapeshifting ability?
Liking the idea of a centuries-old war between vampires and werewolves (from WoD long before it became a favorite of romantic girls perturbed by their puberty) I reject the idea of vampires able to change into 'real' wolves. Fortunately Taban 'Dominant Lycal'

looks canine enough but is obviously not a wolf -more like the canine appearance taken by Alucard / Dracula in 'Hellsing Ultimate'.
Alternatively it can be a 'magicked' beast the baron received from the cult as a familiar / gift.
Btw, for a more 'traditional' tamed 'beast', there are many possible miniatures.

The Hive /  The Children of the Lady-in-the-earth

In 'The shunned house' the living corpse of a sorcerer buried under a house kept growing, inflating, for centuries, thriving on the 'life force' of the inhabitants. Now, if the undead corpse is that of a witch / priestess of the Old Faith and had kept some (very limited) mobility in an underground complex à la 'The rats in the walls' it would maybe look like Kingdom Death 'Wet Nurse':

[OOP, obscenely expensive, not easy to play and in 40mm so the adult 'human peripherals' would have to be removed, but enough repulsive in a good 'Lovecraftian' way to deserve to be shown]
['Wait, where is the movie?' 'Coming soon.']

Now such huge body with some physical activity cannot survive on 'life force' alone (specially if hidden in some isolated area) or at least need a number of permanent personal attendants to feed upon. Indeed for millenia (she was here before the Romans, perhaps even before the Celts) a family clan lives underground to cater to her needs. Nothing can grow in caves, hence her servants have to roam the surface (mostly at  night) to collect game, berries, nuts and roots in the woods, beasts, fruits and vegetables from the farms; and kill any isolated passer-by, they are fond of human flesh -including that of their own kind, and they don't always wait for a natural death to provide a corpse.
[Here you are: a 'mother' staying underground and 'workers' collecting food on the surface: 'The 13th Warrior' (or even 'Aliens'...).

Almost a hundred generations of strict inbreeding, and endemic Kuru maintained by familial cannibalism, produced a totally degenerated bloodline similar to Lovecraft's Martense. Heresy and Mantic ghouls are perfect for them.

Degenerates alone would make a poor company. Over the centuries a few local families kept a vague memory of the 'Mother' and try to help her 'children', offering small sacrifices to them as to elves, making sure that nobody becomes too inquisitive about the disappearances (of plant products, farm animals and people). A few family leaders not only meet the 'children' but know how to appease and -within limits- to control them. Westwind EotD thralls and guardian, with very minor conversions of some weapons, would be perfectly adequate.

If the 'Mother' becomes the 'final boss' of a campaign, how can she be dealt with? To collapse the cave on her with gunpowder would not be a sure conclusion. Being almost motionless she is not very dangerous by her material attacks but is likely to have great 'psy' powers (even if unable to call imps or various types of 'lovecraftian' monstrosities to defend her). Given her size and the parenchymatous,  spongy nature of most of her tissue she's very hard to kill. In 'The shunned house' the hero uses sulfuric acid (readily available in the 18th C.), but fire is more practical. No gasoline then and oil doesn't burn that easily, but string rum does: a flambéed Mother?

The Children of the Sea, a seashore variant, would have a partly human 'priestess' served by amphibious fishmen (numerous ranges to choose from!) in a partly submerged caves system, with smugglers / wreckers as 'normal' helpers.

Les Chasse-diableries

(rather generic: from 'The 7 samurai', 'Guns for San Sebastian' and 'Le Poil de la Bête' to the old 'Frankenstein' and 'Van Helsing' -though I don't know about the availability and scale of an appropriate figurine.)

What is the natural opposition to the two companies above?
. Roused by a local noble (Flying Frog) or notable or by a (possibly female?) agent of the Crown [BS? Or Outpost Wargame Service, for instance]
. the village elders (Galloping Major, Westwind...)
. hire a sorcelier (monster hunter / witcher): Fenryll, Flying Frog, Valiant (one is a sorcelière)...
to lead
. the mob of vengeful villagers: mostly FIW armed settlers (pirates / sailors in a harbor); though for a change one could use the Transylvanian mob, in tricornes thanks to headswappings; or Napoleonic Tyroleans (ideally with a round-topped hat to look less '19th C.') for an alpine setting, or Spanish guerillas, 'headswapped' if initially in flat-topped hat or bicorne, for a sunny one.

But the mix is still rather bland; now, historically dragoons were sent to Gévaudan and the Chasseurs de Fischer against Mandrin's smugglers in Dauphiné, so one can add some color (and 'professionalism') in the form of dismounted dragoons or light infantrymen.
Don't feel restricted to historical uniforms, for some reason the Carabiniers de Monte-Cristo are in green and black.... Laugh

Alternatively the 'Seek and destroy all monsters' company can take the form of the Poing du Roi ('The King's Fist'): the King's agent, a 'witcher' and a detachment of royal troops; with perhaps a Native American in remembrance of Mani / Oumpah-Pah?

Possible 'monster hunters' / 'witchers' / 'sorceliers':
Fenryll Chasseur de sorcières, Valiant (Magnificent Egos) Pilgrim (male and reincarnated as female: Orlando? Note that Orlando is a member of the Lemuel Gulliver Fellowship, the 2nd League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), Flying Frog Katarina and Enigma Catherine (painted there, but nothing compels you to paint her with metallic greaves).

'Historical' La Bête du Gévaudan games are reported on several French blogs: inspirational at least for the figurines and the settings (scroll down).

A list of possibly relevant miniatures ranges (in -simple and transparent- French).
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« Reply #7 on: April 10, 2014, 09:53:16 PM »

A possible Lacepunk monster hunter in the making:

I suppose the 'chaps' on the legs are there to protect from claws?
Far from perfect -for instance the sabre is ridiculously huge, and worn on the wrong side for a right-handed man, but yet....

Indiegogo project
As fanciful in his costume as the current BBC 3 Musketeers, maybe, but potentially a good addition to the few 18th C. monster hunters / witchers currently available.
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« Reply #8 on: April 11, 2014, 07:45:17 PM »

Aren't some of those costumes a bit impractical though, how about some more day-to-day ones?




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« Reply #9 on: April 12, 2014, 10:44:29 AM »

In fact the only dress designed during the 18th C. with practicability in mind was that described (with every minute detail discussed and justified) by Maurice de Saxe for the infantry of his 'daydreamed' legions:

(may have had some influence on the late 18th C. 'Potemkin' and Swedish uniforms).
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War Movies Featuring the French Army The Second World War « 1 2 » former user 22 4246 Last post February 09, 2014, 02:05:44 AM
by Gothic Line
MOVED: War Movies Featuring the French Army The Great War Plynkes 0 366 Last post February 06, 2014, 08:04:33 PM
by Plynkes
[INDIEGOGO] Robot Invaders, characters inspired by sci-fi movies and more.... Future Wars « 1 2 » Ezipion_Israel 27 3120 Last post October 20, 2015, 10:36:33 PM
by Commander Vyper
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