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Author Topic: Links to Colonial Battle Reports (Updated 07/02/2014)  (Read 18305 times)
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« on: March 02, 2011, 02:09:07 PM »

As requested, a page of links to colonial battle reports on the LAF. We'll keep it locked so as to not dilute its purpose as a resource. Any comments about the reports can go on the report threads themselves. If I've missed a favourite of yours, or if I've bollocksed up any of the links, just PM me. Right now it is only battle reports that are on the LAF itself, not ones that are just links to blogs or other forums. I may add those types at some point in the future if enough people nag me about it.

Edit: Okay, I've started adding reports that are on blogs and other places that aren't Lead Adventure. If you have one or know of one you want added please PM me with the address.

18/10/2013 Edit: A long overdue update. Sorry for the inexcusably long delay but I have now tracked back through the old posts and updated the list. Probably still missed a few, but I have run out of gin. There were some that were a page of dead picture links, and others that were links to blogs where I failed to find the report in question on the blog. These I have left off the list (please link directly to the reports, not the home page of your blog if you want to make it easy for me to find them).

Darkest Africa
Into Darkest Berlin (Driscoles)
The Ghost and the Darkness (eladio fernandez)
The Maneater of Tzwapo (Mad Doc Morris)
Colonial Game Report (6mmfan)
Darkest Africa Skirmish (Paul E)

Exploring the Dark Kontinent (Poliorketes)
In the Heart of Africa (Overlord)
In search of the sources of Zwambesi! (El Comandante)
Azande vs. Cannibals vs. White Explorers (Operator 5)
A Three-Way African Battle (Operator 5)

Return to Heart of Darkness (Ignatieff)
"Doctor Emin, I Presume?" (Plynkes)
The Kaiser's Elephants (Plynkes)
The Race to the Middle of Nowhere (Plynkes)
Ngoni Dawn (Plynkes)

Commodore Lyme-Pickell's Last Disaster (Admiral Fraser)
The Slavers' Run  (Doomhippie)
"Captain, your orders, burn the village" (Marine0846)
Action at the Ukrazi Village  (Blog Report - Traveler Man)
The Relief of Pond's Landing  (Blog Report - Traveler Man)

Action at Rev. Jenkin's Mission  (Blog Report - Traveler Man)
Attack on the Tembe  (Blog Report - Traveler Man)
Expedition To Timbogo (Blog Report - tim in saskatoon)
Azande vs. Force Publique (James Morris)
Abu Ben Witti's Treasure  (Blog Report - Yankeepedlar01)
War Against the Slavers (Oberstleutnant Koenig)

Sudan and Egypt
T&T in the Sudan (Driscoles)
To the Last Man (thejammedgatling)
Sudan Skirmish (Paul E)
The Death of Bickley Pasha (Yankeepedlar01)
Sudan at the Tactica: Full WIP and report thread (Driscoles and Frank)

More Sudan at the Tactica (Plynkes)
The Relief of Sandahar (Operator5)
The Sword and the Flame in the Sudan (answer_is_42)
Battle of Dhoub-el-Decka  (Volleyfire!)
Khartoum  (Frank)

The Heat! The Flies! (Blog Report - Yankeepedlar01)
Tamai 1884 (nevermore)
Sons of the Desert Part I (nevermore)
Sons of the Desert Part II (nevermore)
Suakin 1885 (Blog Report - zuluwar)

Zulu War and South Africa
A Zulu War Game (Yankeepedlar01)
Zulu War Skirmish (Tim in Saskatoon)
Incident at De Witt's Drift (Blog Report - Yankeepedlar01)
March on Pretoria  (Blog Report - Yankeepedlar01)

The end of Chief Bykelezi  (Blog Report - Yankeepedlar01)
The Battle of Bergendal 1900 (2nd Boer War) (Blog Report - Yar68)
Anglo-Zulu War Game  (nevermore)
A Zulu Game (S_P)

China (Including Tingtong)
Death and Gems in Tingtong (V)
Tingtong: Race for the Yangtee River (V)
Tingtong: Dreyfus Depot (V)

Pingpong in Tingtong (V)
Boxer Rebellion Game (Helen Bachaus)
Peking 1900 (ardberg)

Royal Navy vs. Chinese Rebels (Paul Baker)
Boxer Rebellion AAR (Blog Report - seelowe41)
The 3rd Opium War (fictitious Colonial SAGA campaign) First Battle (Geudens)
55 Days in Peking - British Legation (nevermore)


The North-West Frontier and Afghanistan
Black Powder in Haributistan (Off-LAF Blog Report - James Manto)
The Sword and the Flame in Kandahar (Will Bailie)
The Charge of the Kabuli Brigade (Blog Report - stefanov)

Indian Mutiny Game at Partizan (Yankeepedlar01)
Chase's Rescue Part 1 (Blog Report - Furt)
Chase's Rescue Part 2 (Blog Report - Furt)
Chase's Rockets (Blog Report - Furt)

The Battle of Byklabad Part 1 (Yankeepedlar01)
The Battle of Byklabad Part 2 (Yankeepedlar01)
The Relief of Byklabad (Yankeepedlar01)
Dark Days in Byklabad (Yankeepedlar01)

Forcing a crossing near Byklabad (Yankeepedlar01)
Indian Mutiny Game at Bickley Towers (Joroas)
The Grand Trunk Road at Byklabad (Yankeepedlar01)
Captain Makepeace's Daring Rescue (Furt)
Caravan to Byklabad (Blog Report - Yankeepedlar01)

Abyssinia and the Horn of Africa
Colonel Corleoni's Last Stand (Ignatieff)
The Death of Bitwoded Makonnen (WAB Forum - James Morris)
Italo-Ethiopian War 'Sniper' Scenario (WAB Forum - James Morris)

Patrol Peril! (WAB Forum - James Morris)
Italo-Ethiopian War Games from Scarab event  (WAB Forum - James Morris)
Battle of the Dembeguina Pass (WAB Forum - James Morris)

Salute 2011 - Italian Invasion of Ethiopia (WAB Forum - James Morris)
Partizan 2011 - Italian Invasion of Ethiopia (WAB Forum - James Morris)
The Battle of Adowa 1896 (Shikari Sahib)

The Battle of the River Tinki, 1882 (answer_is_42)
The Storming of Samar (Blog Report - Roughriderfan)
New Zealand Wars Battle (Blog Report - Arteis)

1840's Colonial Africa Game (corps commander)
Perilous True Tales: Oompa Loompa stew! (Dr. The Viking)
The Fall of Colonel Bruschetta (Blog Report - TWD)

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