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Can someone please show me what a typical European stockade in 19th century Africa could or would look like, if such a thing existed?


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notwithstanding actual evidence of such things, I would not expect any "european version"  in colonial Africa, maybe apart from the stuff one can see in Western movies.
European settlers would maybe built fences around their farms, like in Texas
but this would be only a modern version with razor wire - given the vast size.

otherwide cattle were grazed (southern Africa) like in a western movie and then brought to urban slaughtering houses
or alternatively bought from natives, if these would sell.

koralling cattle inside a settlement is a matter of traditional african lifestyle, where wild animal threat cannot be controlled through firearms. The european version of such "control" would be exterminating wildlife - the reason why national parks were founded in post colonial africa (and btw not because the natives would do this - but this is another, more political topic)

I don't think there is such an animal as a 'typical' stockade. There was huge variety of fortification types depending on the where and when. From thorn scrub/stone/mud brick bomas in East Africa, to concrete and corrugated iron blockhouses in the Boer War, to full-blown Foreign Legion-style forts in North Africa and even such places as Cameroon.

I fear former user may have got the wrong end of the stick, translation-wise. A stockade is a military fortification (usually means one made of wood), it has nothing to do with corralling animals, though it can be used to mean a military prison.

former user:
oh, sorry

I apologize

No need to apologize, friend. We all make mistakes.  :)


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