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Author Topic: Be Wary Careful - We Hunting Old Ones!  (Read 76849 times)
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« Reply #30 on: July 01, 2010, 06:10:40 PM »

Great thread, I was still looking for further possible minis for the 'Ancient Ones' in my Arkham Horror conversion, and here I found at least 3 more (indicated with a *) in addition to the obvious RAFM and Grenadier ones, please keep up the search! (and I will try to contribute)

Bokrug *
Chaugnar Faugn (RAFM) 
Cthugha *
Cthulhu (RAFM, ...)   
Ithaqua * 
Nyarlathotep (RAFM, ...) 
Quachil Uttaus 
Shudde M'ell *
Tsathoggua  (RAFM, ...)
Y'Golonac  (RAFM)
Yig    (RAFM, ...)

Man kann einen flamer nicht auf overwatch setzen!

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« Reply #31 on: July 02, 2010, 06:18:59 AM »

M'Nagalah the Eternal, The Great God Cancer, The All-Consuming (Great Old One)
Black Cat Bases  bcblsasd1  All Seeing Demon (£2.00)
Sculptor: Ben  Concept: Unknown  Painter: Unknown

Sculpting Mods: None.  Just make sure you paint it an “entrails” colour.  You might want to sculpt some more eyes on it, though it stands well enough as it is.

Debut: According to Harms’ Encyclopedia Cthulhiana (p. 196), the first mention of this being was made in the comic book Swamp Thing #8 (1974) in a story by Len Wein  and Bernie Wrightson.  Wikipedia’s GOO chart gives an appearance in Ramsey Campbell’s (1976) story "The Tugging."

dreamingleopard score for this entry: 3

Nyarlathotep (Outer God; in “Crawling Mist” Dreamlands avatar)
Magnificent Egos by Valiant Enterprises Ltd.  VEL3008 Wall of Fog ($5.99 US) 
Sculptor: Unknown  Concept: Unknown  Painter: Unknown

Sculpting Mods: none

Debut: Appears as a putrid fog in Brian Lumley’s book Elysia (1989).  Note: HPL's story "The Crawling Chaos" is not about Nyarlathotep, despite the similarity in names.

”'The third dream,' he quickly went on, 'was sort of sad. We were in the graveyard again, but the day was
overcast - like today. While we stood there a mist rolled up. My father - Richard Garrison, anyway - kissed
my mother, left us standing there, turned and walked off into the mist. He turned and waved, once. Then he
was gone. His golden glow was swallowed up. I knew he was gone for good. My mother knew, too, but
she wasn't sad. And she wasn't frightened any more. She looked sort of dazed, but not sad or frightened.
Then she turned up the collar of her coat, turned from the grave and walked to the gates of the graveyard.
The gates were of wrought iron with spikes. The perimeter was of spiked iron railings mounted on a low
brick wall. The mist rolled like a sullen, shallow ocean, knee-deep and opaque. At the gates, someone was
waiting for her . . .'”–  Psychamok (1985) by Brian Lumley

dreamingleopard score for this entry: 3

dreamingleopard score for this post: 6
Cummulative total to date: 55

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« Reply #32 on: July 02, 2010, 08:56:52 AM »

Ghisguth, The Sound of the Deep Waters (Great Old One)
Note: Other spellings of the name exist.
Monterey Bay Aquarium LRS11-SA. Adult Sperm Whale,  12" long  Scale 1:40($18.95) 
Sculptor: Unknown  Concept: Unknown  Painter: Unknown

Sculpting Mods: Add the two massive tentacles for the tongue.  Maybe elongate some teeth, and put an “angry” furrow over each eye?  If you really want it the proper length, cut out some cross sections and smooth out the joins until you get a 10" length.  Taking it mostly from the tail end will result in a heftier, nastier look, too.  Note: I chose the Sperm Whale partly for its notoriety (perhaps Moby Dick was this guy?), carnivorous toothedness and sheer size.

Debut: Clark Ashton Smith’s (1934) story ."The Family Tree of the Gods;" the title of which was later changed to "The Parchments of Pnom." and can be found under that title now in Chaosium’s The Tsathoggua Cycle   (1st ed.).

dreamingleopard score for this entry: 2

dreamingleopard score for this post: 2
Cummulative total to date: 57

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« Reply #33 on: July 03, 2010, 03:32:02 AM »

Aphoom-Zhah, The Cold Flame, Lord of the Pole (Great Old One)
Reaper 03425: Spell Effect: Burning Sphere ($3.99 US)
Sculptor: Kevin Williams Concept: Unknown  Painter:  n/a

Sculpting Mods: none - just paint it grey and “cold.”

Debut: "The Horror in the Gallery" (1976 19??) by Lin Carter, but more was given in his short story "The Acolyte of the Flame" (1985).  Also in:  Carter's "The Coming of the White Worm" (1941).

”The ghastly phosphorescence blazed high, rustling with unholy glee, and the terrific blast of unendurable rigor that struck forth from the stirring Flame drove me shrieking from my precarious perch – drove me sobbing and stumbling back up the winding ways of the black labyrinth – drove me forth from the grim gate and across the frigid plain...”–  "The Acolyte of the Flame" (1985) by Lin Carter

dreamingleopard score for this entry: 3

Quachil Uttaus (Great Old One)
If you interpret this as a miniature wrapped mummy:
Pendragon AC23 Crucified Mummy with Teddy 10mm (£1.65 )
Sculptor: Unknown  Concept: Unknown  Painter: n/a

Sculpting Mods: Cut off the cross.at both ends, fill in any holes or disguise bumps, and add claws.  The teddy you can keep if you like, but the arms probably should be fixed to be outreaching... it’s more twisted with that teddy than without in my opinion.  Then again, the crucifix is really twisted, as at this diminutive size it looks like a child in 25+mm scale. [shudder] To make it even more child-like, you might want to consider using a 25mm mummy head instead.

If you interpret this as a miniature shrivelled corpse:
Troll Forged Miniatures Skull Child ($10.00 US)
Sculptor: Khabuldashudeth Concept: Probably the Sculptor  Painter: Probably the Sculptor

Sculpting Mods: Add claws.  I would probably lengthen the limbs a tad before doing the claws, though.  Apparently this mini comes in several parts, so it is quite likely that you could opt out of using the chair.  Paint it with the brownish wrinkled skin of a mummy rather than bone white.

Or, an idea for a home-brewed standing fig:
A standing fig could be made by using bones from a 15mm skeleton and a 25mm skull, painting the whole thing over with thickened primer and wrapping it in crinkled foil for a few moments while the paint is drying to get that wrinkled texture.

Debut: Clark Ashton Smith (2002) [1935]. "The Treader of the Dust". The Emperor of Dreams. London, UK: Gollancz Press. Also found in:  Joseph Payne Brennan (1973) [1962]. "The Keeper of the Dust". Stories of Darkness and Dread. Sauk City, WI: Arkham House.

”It was a figure no larger than a young child, but sere and shriveled as some millennial mummy. Its hairless head, its unfeatured face, borne on a neck of skeleton thinness, were lined with a thousand reticulated wrinkles. The body was like that of some monstrous, withered abortion that had never drawn breath. The pipy arms, ending in bony claws, were outthrust as if ankylosed in a posture of an eternal dreadful groping.”–  "The Treader of the Dust" (1935) by Clark Ashton Smith.

dreamingleopard score for this entry: 4

Ghadamon, Seed of Azathoth (larval Great Old One)
Wizards of the Coast  Caller in Darkness Unhallowed #49/60 ($1.98 US) 
Sculptor: Unknown  Concept: Unknown  Painter: Unknown

Sculpting Mods: Use as is in a watery medium  Add some thick pseudopods at the base to ease its crawling if you are using this on land.  Remember to paint on some “holes.”

Debut: Call of Cthulhu: Dreamlands RPG (Chaosium).

”[Ghadamon is] composed mostly of a bluish-brown mucoidal substance... moves about on land with difficulty, dragging itself along by means of sticky, stringy pseudopods which it shoots out from its mass and attaches to surrounding objects.  Ghadamon is covered with pustules that develop, quickly swell, then burst to emit noxious gas or to ooze foul slime (often quickly sucked up by a nearby orifice).  Several malformed head-like objects float about in Ghadamon’s body, occasionally surfacing to peer about.  Ghadamon now weighs over a thousand pounds, but will weigh much more after being escorted tothe sea and installed in the House of Ghadamon...”–  "Pickman’ts Student" (1986) by Keith Herber in Chaosium’s Dream Journeys, included in the Dreamlands..

dreamingleopard score for this entry: 3

dreamingleopard score for this post: 10
Cummulative total to date: 67
I wonder if I'll reach a score of 150 before someone else comes in to play... getting kinda lonely in here.


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« Reply #34 on: July 03, 2010, 04:15:17 AM »

Now for a real S-T-R-E-T-C-H, based on what the GOO Chart on Wikipedia states, now that I've gotten hold of the originating story and read it:

Basatan, Master of the Crabs as a giant crab?  Not Likely... (Great Old One)
(A crab form for Dreamlnads purposes - see important note below under “Debut”)
Troll Forged Miniatures  Behemoth Crab (posable 26-part resin, with 40mm textured base of your choice) $12.00 US 
Sculptor: Kyte (Jonas Plass) Concept: Kyte (Jonas Plass)  Painter: Kyte (Jonas Plass)

Sculpting Mods: none, but remember to paint on his emerald ring, clasped by the tentacles of a kraken... where?  Your guess is as good as mine. 

Debut: First mentioned in "Master of the Crabs" (1948) by Clark Ashton Smith.  Contrary to what is reported in Wikipedia, there is no mention of Basatan as a large crab in the story.  In fact, the following quote shows that the ring of Basatan is designed for use on a human-sized digit, and the vision in the passage implies that the true owner of the ring is a tentacled entity much like Cthulhu.  So maybe Basatan is Cthulhoid (in keeping with the Kraken theme of the ring’s clasp) or human, like Poseidon (doubtful, since the original inhabitants of the Earth according to the mythos were not human).  Why Basatan lost his ring is not explained... perhaps it slipped off his tentacle or it dropped when he morphed into crab form.

”it seemed that the green jewel brightened and darkened and deepened strangely, like a tiny window with all the sea's mystery and immensity lying beyond. Enthralled and entranced, I forgot the circumstances of our situation: for the jewel swelled upon my vision, blotting from view the black fingers of Sarcand, with a swirling as of tides and of shadowy fins and tentacles far down in its glimmering greenness.”–  "Master of the Crabs" (1948) by Clark Ashton Smith

dreamingleopard score for this entry: 0 (Disqualified)
(Though it follows what is presumed about Basatan in Wikipedia, it does not follow what is implied in the originating story.  It could be explained by the ability to shapechange, but this is doubtful.  It is a cool fig, though, and I include it for those who still wish to think of their Basatan as a giant crab.)


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« Reply #35 on: July 06, 2010, 02:42:08 AM »

Rlim Shaikorth (Outer God in “White Worm” avatar)
Otherworlds  DM8 Purple Worm (around 380mm long and 45mm across at the head) £30.00
Sculptor: Paul Muller and Richard Scott  Concept: Unknown  Painter: Andrew Taylor

Sculpting Mods: T’will be a shame to file down those man mashers in the maw, but ya gotta do it – if you want it accurate (I’m probably going to cover them over with a removable goopy glue and paint over them - this way the sculpt isn’t harmed and you can resell it later if you need the money).  Either paint the eyeballs red (for the globules) or hollow them out and drop balls of blood from them to pile on the base.  Paint it whitish of course.

Debut: "The Coming of the White Worm" (1941) by Clark Ashton Smith

“In all the world there was naught that could be likened for its foulness to Rlim Shaikorth. Something he had of the semblance of a fat white worm; but his bulk was beyond that of the sea-elephant. His half-coiled tail was thick as the middle folds of his body; and his front reared upward from the dais in the form of a white round disk, and upon it were imprinted vaguely the lineaments of a visage belonging neither to beast of the earth nor ocean-creature. And amid the visage a mouth curved uncleanly from side to side of the disk, opening and shutting incessantly on a pale and tongueless and toothless maw. The eye-sockets of Rlim Shaikorth were close together between his shallow nostrils; and the sockets were eyeless, but in them appeared from moment to moment globules of a blood-coloured matter having the form of eyeballs; and ever the globules broke and dripped down before the dais. And from the ice-floor of the dome there ascended two masses like stalagmites, purple and dark as frozen gore, which had been made by the ceaseless dripping of the globules.” – "The Coming of the White Worm" (1941) by Clark Ashton Smith.

dreamingleopard score for this entry: 2

dreamingleopard score for this post: 2
Cummulative total to date: 69
B. Basiliscus

Bless us and splash us, my precious!

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« Reply #36 on: July 08, 2010, 10:28:28 PM »

Bokrug the water lizard
Dragonblood miniatures Mosasaur of the Inner Sea ($19.99) sculpter unknown (to me).

Sculpting mods: A few tendrils on his chin , green stuff for thick stumpy crocodile like arm/leg.

"It is also written that [the Beings of Ib] descended one night from the moon in a mist; they and the vast still lake and grey stone city Ib. However this may be, it is certain that they worshipped a sea-green stone idol chiselled in the likeness of Bokrug, the great water-lizard; before which they danced horribly when the moon was gibbous."  From "The Doom that Came to Sarnath" by Howard Lovecraft

I always like to think of Hastur as a cephalopodic thing in a cloak, so:
Hastur the unspeakable/ the king in yellow
Dragonblood Cepahlid Telepath ($9.99) sculpter unknown (to me)

Mods: Paint it yellow.
Just yellow.
All over the fucking place.
Maybe get rid of the seashell staff and smooth out the cloak with greenstuff.

"I found myself faced by names and terms that I had heard elsewhere in the most hideous of connections — Yuggoth, Great Cthulhu, Tsathoggua, Yog-Sothoth, R'lyeh, Nyarlathotep, Azathoth, Hastur, Yian, Leng, the Lake of Hali, Bethmoora, the Yellow Sign, L’mur-Kathulos, Bran, and the Magnum Innominandum — and was drawn back through nameless aeons and inconceivable dimensions to worlds of elder, outer entity at which the crazed author of the Necronomicon had only guessed in the vaguest way.... There is a whole secret cult of evil men (a man of your mystical erudition will understand me when I link them with Hastur and the Yellow Sign) devoted to the purpose of tracking them down and injuring them on behalf of the monstrous powers from other dimensions."
—H. P. Lovecraft, "The Whisperer in Darkness"

B. Basiliscus score for this post: 5
Cummulative total to date: 5.
« Last Edit: July 08, 2010, 10:38:58 PM by B. Basiliscus » Logged

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« Reply #37 on: July 11, 2010, 04:39:10 AM »

Love your idea for Bokrug, B. Basiliscus!

Hypnos, as seen in dreams (Elder God in “dressed and awake in your dreams” avatar)
(in reality, he’s supposed to be in bed and naked)
Reaper 03086: Nephal Shadow Prince Demon ($8.99 US)
Sculptor: Derek Schubert  Concept: Unknown  Painter: Derek Schubert

Sculpting Mod: lose the sword (maybe turn the handle into a torch or staff or handled dish of sleep dust, an opium hookah or a posy of poppies... Mine’s going to be a hookah with poppy designs on it.  A nice touch in a diorama would be Hypnos pouring sand from his hand over a sleeper's eyes.

”Never could I tell, try as I might, what it actually was that I saw; nor could the still face tell, for although it must have seen more than I did, it will never speak again. But always I shall guard against the mocking and insatiate Hypnos, lord of sleep, against the night sky, and against the mad ambitions of knowledge and philosophy.” ~ –  "Hypnos" (1923) by H. P. Lovecraft.

dreamingleopard score for this entry: 2

dreamingleopard score for this post: 2
Cummulative total to date: 71

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« Reply #38 on: July 16, 2010, 02:34:12 AM »

Bastet(Elder God)
Reaper 02733: Egyptian Statue Bast ($5.99 US)
Sculptor: Bob Olley Concept: Unknown  Painter: Kevin Williams

Sculpting Mods: none

Debut: There was no actual debut of Bast(et) in any Lovecraft story, but it was well-known that Lovecraft was bonkers for cats, so it fits... especially in keeping with his 1920 story “The Cats of Ulthar”  The Call of Cthulhu rules books by Chaosium include Bastet.

”For the cat is cryptic, and close to strange things which men cannot see. He is the soul of antique Aegyptus, and bearer of tales from forgotten cities in Meroe and Ophir. He is the kin of the jungle’s lords, and heir to the secrets of hoary and sinister Africa. The Sphinx  is his cousin, and he speaks her language; but he is more ancient than the Sphinx, and remembers that which she hath forgotten.”–  "Cats and Dogs" (1926) essay by H. P. Lovecraft , reprinted in the 1949 Arkham House collection Something About Cats..

Bastet (Elder God, in cat form)
Reaper 03007: Egyptian Cat Statue ($4.99 US)
Sculptor: Bob Olley  Concept: Unknown  Painter: Michael Bisignani

Sculpting Mods: none

Worshipping Cats
Mega Miniatures  MEM-40009 Cats x 12 $9.50
Sculptor: Unknown  Concept: Unknown  Painter: Unknown

dreamingleopard score for this entry: 3 (Bastet counts in the CoC rules.) + 2 (second entry) + 0 (for the cats).

Atlach-Nacha, The Spider God(dess)*, Spinner in Darkness (Great Old One)
Reaper  03465: Shaerileth, Spider Demoness ($19.99)
Sculptor: Patrick Keith  Concept: Unknown  Painter: Anne Foerster

Sculpting Mods: Tips for assembly: http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft/50 Leave off the torso, cut off the head.  Dangle the head from the thorax on a dangling-looking wire; fix the hair as you like.

*There is some argument as to the gender of this being.  It makes sense that this god is a goddess... spider females are notoriously larger and more voracious than their male counterparts.  Anyway, avoiding the torso allows you to take a more androgynous interpretation. The originating story had Atlach-Nacha as male; subsequent stories by other authors have it as female. Note also that this choice of spider goes well with RAFM’s Leng spider, said to be the child race of Atlach-Nacha.

Debut: "The Seven Geases" (1934) by Clark Ashton Smith

”With new horror, and a sense of hideous doom, he heard his own voice speaking without volition: "O Lord Tsathaggua, I am the blood-offering sent by the sorcerer Ezdagor." There was a sluggish inclination of the toad-like head; and the eyes opened a little wider, and light flowed from them in viscous tricklings on the creased underlids. Then Ralibar Vooz seemed to hear a deep, rumbling sound; bat he knew not whether it reverberated in the dusky air or in his own mind. And the sound shaped itself, albeit uncouthly, into syllables and words: "Thanks are due to Ezdagor for this offering. But, since I have fed lately on a well-blooded sacrifice, my hunger is appeased for the present, and I require not the offering. However, it may be that others of the Old Ones are athirst or famished. And, since you came here with a geas upon you, it is not fitting that you should go hence without another. So I place you under this geas, to betake yourself downward through the caverns till you reach, after long descent, that bottomless gulf over which the spider-god Atlach-Nacha weaves his eternal webs. And there, calling to AtlachNacha, you must say: 'I am the gift sent by Tsathoggua.'”–  "The Seven Geases" (1934) by Clark Ashton Smith.

dreamingleopard score for this entry: 2 (requires mods)

Zstylzhemghi, Matriarch of Swarms (Great Old One)
Reaper  02744: Cichastus, Fly Demon ($14.49)
Sculptor: Bob Olley  Concept: Unknown  Painter: Derek Schubert

Sculpting Mods: None.

Debut: Clark Ashton Smith (2005) [1934]. "The Parchments of Pnom". in Robert M. Price (ed.). The Tsathoggua Cycle (1st ed.). Oakland, CA: Chaosium. ISBN 1-56882-129-8.  Original title: "The Family Tree of the Gods".

”The latter god [Hziolquoigmnzhah], I learn, together with Ghizghuth, was born of Cxaxukluth in a far system.  Cxaxukluth came en famille (family already included Ghizguth’s wife, Zstylzhemgni, and the infant Tsathoggua) to Yuggoth (where, I may add, Cxaxukluth has most mercifully continued to sojourn throughout the aeons).”–  "The Parchments of Pnom" (2005) by Clark Ashton Smith.

There really isn’t a good description of Zstylzhemghi anywhere.  I chose the fly because it is the worst insect enemy to man, and of course, it swarms.  But there’s no reason why one shouldn’t choose a more social insect matriarch - perhaps a really mean-looking hornet (?); even an Alien from the movie Alien might do well (except we’d all recognize it as such).  Also, my choice lends itself to creating a very large swarm of child flies, through inexpensive means, even through plastic novelty markets.  I’ve left the grasshopper family alone to allow for “Pazuzu” as the demon of wind/locusts.

Fly Following:
Mega Miniatures MEM-10005 Fly SWARM x 5 Price: $7.60
(The large and the smaller flies can be bought separately.)

A more nasty choice for this Great Old One might be the mosquito, which is still a fly, but getting the swarm would be more problematic.

Wyrd  SKU  WYR5026 Giant Mosquito ($6.50)
Sculptor: Paul Muller Concept: Paul Muller Painter:Tom Schadle

Sculpting Mods: none

”Now I perceived, after a few moments, that the young lady was frightened, and I knew I ought to say something civil.  So I said, ‘Are there many mosquitoes here?’  “‘No,’ she replied, with a slight quiver in her voice; ‘I have only seen one, and it was biting somebody else.’”In Search of the Unknown (1904) by Robert W. Chambers and H. P. Lovecraft.

dreamingleopard score for this entry: 3 for the Matriarch, 0 for the swarm, 2 for the second entry, for a total of 5 for Zstylzhemghi

dreamingleopard score for this post: 12
Cummulative total to date: 83

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« Reply #39 on: July 29, 2010, 05:44:20 AM »

Servitors of the Other Gods,
Guardians of the Outer Hells (Lesser Outer* Gods)

*Wikipedia states that "Lovecraft himself did not introduce this exact term [Outer God] (he used the term Other God);" and that "it was the role-playing game Call of Cthulhu that first introduced the term "Outer Gods.""

em-4 2008a  Servitor of the Other Gods crouching Ref: (£1.70)
(formerly a Metal Magic Dunwich Detectives figure)
Sculptor: Unknown Concept: Unknown Photography: Mark Dixon 
Painter: for em-4 by our own Mark Dixon (aka artwho9)

Sculpting Mods: none

em-4 2008b  Servitor of the Other Gods playing flute Ref: (£1.70)
(formerly a Metal Magic Dunwich Detectives figure)
Sculptor: Unknown Concept: Unknown Photography: Mark Dixon 
Painter: for em-4 by our own Mark Dixon (aka artwho9)

Sculpting Mods: none


em-4 2008c  Servitor of the Other Gods rising (£1.70)
(formerly a Metal Magic Dunwich Detectives figure)
Sculptor: Unknown Concept: Unknown Photography: Mark Dixon
Painter: for em-4 by our own Mark Dixon (aka artwho9)

Sculpting Mods: none

Debut: "The Other Gods" (1933) by H. P. Lovecraft can be found in Dagon and Other Macabre Tales, published by Arkham House. It is also online at Mythos Tomes: http://www.mythostomes.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=64&Itemid=74
"Toad-like creatures which seemed constantly to be changing shape and appearance, and from whom emanated, by some means I could not distinguish, a ghastly ululation, apiping.”– “The Lurker at the Threshold" (1945) by August Derleth.

These paintjobs are featured on the following thread in here by the artwho9:
em-4 servitors of the other gods at http://www.lead-adventure.de/index.php?topic=13214.0

dreamingleopard score for this post: 3x3 (technically, because they are different gods, though it could be argued they are the same god in different positions...)
So since I was reminded by the following thread and this should be artwho9's entry, I'll take only 3 points.

Cummulative total to date: 86

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Location: Mataro,Spain.
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« Reply #40 on: July 29, 2010, 06:26:46 AM »

You are doing a great job here,keep going please Cheesy

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« Reply #41 on: August 02, 2010, 11:24:47 PM »

More slenderly built than Uncle Mike's Godling:

Cthylla, the Secret Daughter/Seed of Cthulhu (Great Old One)
RAFM  RAF02011 The Great Cthulhu $49.95
Sculptor: Robert Murch  Concept: Robert Murch  Painter: Captain Blood from LAF

Sculpting Mods: Give her some more eyes... and if you want to really frighten us, give her a pregnant belly. Cheesy

The RAFM photo leaves a lot to be desired, so I’m calling up a painter from LAF to show his work.

...here, for the record, are some bigger pics of my Cthulhu attempts...  :wink:

Unfortunately, I've never read a word of Lovecraft, so the colour schemes were a wild guess. I now understand that they should probably have been a bit more naturalistic in colour, and a little less cheery-looking...

Also that The Great Cthulhu lives under the sea so should probably have looked wet, and not rather dry...

Debut: " Cthylla was created by Brian Lumley, who mentioned her in his Titus Crow novel The Transition Of Titus Crow (1975), though he never actually described her. Tina L. Jens, however, depicted Cthylla as a giant, winged octopus in her short story "In His Daughter's Darkling Womb" (1997).  Cthylla's name may be a reference to Scylla, a sea monster of Greek myth." ~ Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cthylla)

"The dreamer dying faces death with scorn,
And in his seed will rise again reborn!"
–  "The Transition of Titus Crow" (19??) by Brian Lumley, ch. 5: Cthulhu's Cosmic Miscegenation

dreamingleopard score for this entry: 0 (an Official Call of Cthulhu mini)

Cynothoglys  The Mortician God, She Whose Hand Embalms (Great Old One)
Valiant Miniatures KIT# VEL3002 Helping Hand Greater $6.99 US
Sculptor: Unknown  Concept: Unknown  Painter: Unknown

Sculpting Mods: none, but longer fingernails might help the gender stereotype some. I might be tempted to add some remnants of tattered strips of cloth to further suggest a mummified look, and maybe even mount it on a mould or slime to represent its otherwise amorphous body.

Debut: "The Prodigy of Dreams" (1994) by Thomas Ligotti,

”I drew closer to the contorted idol, remaining in its presence far longer than I intended. That I actually found myself mentally composing a kind of supplication tells more than I am presently able about my psychological and spiritual state last evening. Was it this beast of writhing stone or the spell of the vicoli which inspired my prayer and determined its form? It was, I think, something which they shared, a suggestion of great things: great secrets and great sorrows, great wonders and catastrophes, great destinies, great doom, and a single great death. My own. Drugged by this inspiration, I conceived my ideal leavetaking from this earth--a drama prepared by strange portents, swiftly developed by dreams and visions nurtured in an atmosphere of sublime dread, growing overnight like some gaudy fungus in a forgotten cellar, and always with the awful hand of the mortician god working the machinery behind the scenes. Beasts and men would form an alliance with great Cynothoglys, the elements themselves would enter into the conspiracy, a muted vortex of strange forces all culminating in a spectral denouement, all converging to deliver me to the inevitable, but deliver me in a manner worthy of the most expansive and unearthly sensations of my life. I conceived the primal salvation of tearing flesh, of seizure by the god and the ecstatic rending of the frail envelope of skin and sinew. And as others only sink into their deaths--into mine I would soar.”–  "The Prodigy of Dreams" (1994) by Thomas Ligotti,.

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Chaugnar Faugn (The Elephant God, The Horror from the Hills  (Great Old One)
RAFM  RAF02960 Chauga Faugn $11.95
Sculptor: Robert Murch  Concept: Robert Murch  Painter: Chris Smith

Sculpting Mods: none

Debut: "The Horror from the Hills" (1931) by Frank Belknap Long

”It was endowed with a trunk and great, uneven ears, and two enormous tusks protruded from the corners of its mouth. But it was not an elephant. Indeed its resemblance to an actual elephant was, at best, sporadic and superficial, despite certain unmistakable points of similarity. The ears were webbed and tentacled, the trunk terminated in a huge flaring disk at least a foot in diameter, and the tusks, which intertwined and interlocked at the base of the statue, were as translucent as rock crystal…Its forelimbs were bent stiffly at the elbow, and its hands–it had human hand–rested palms upward on its lap”–  "The Horror from the Hills" (1931) by Frank Belknap Long.

dreamingleopard score for this entry: 0 (an Official Call of Cthulhu mini)

Juk-Shabb,  God of Yekub  (Great Old One)
Magnificent Egos by Valiant Enterprises Ltd.  VEL3021 Living Spell $6.99 US
Sculptor: Unknown  Concept: Unknown  Painter: n/a

Sculpting Mods: None, though elevating it on a flying stand will help give it a hover.

Debut: "The Challenge from Beyond" (1935) by C. L. Moore; A. Merritt, H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Frank Belknap Long (a round-robin story).

”Your body will destroy Itself on earth, seeking the blood of its animal kin, seeking the cool water where it can wallow at Its ease. Seeking eventually destruction, for the death-instinct is more powerful in it than the instincts of life and it will destroy itself in seeking to return to the slime from which it sprang."  Thus spoke the round red god of Yekub in a far-off segment of the space-time continuum to George Campbell as the latter, with all human desire purged away, sat on a throne and ruled an empire of worms...”–  "The Challenge from Beyond" (1935) by C. L. Moore; A. Merritt, H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Frank Belknap Long.

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Alternates for GOO already mentioned:

Rhogog, The Bearer of the Cup of the Blood of the Ancients

An alternate can be created from pretty much any Ent figure, or Mirliton's Grenadier Lassor http://www.mirliton.it/product_info.php?pName=horror-monsters-2&cName=nightmares-28mm (sold with the Enchanted Eye and the Call of Cthulhu Dimensional Shambler in this photo):

You'd still have to fix the face to have a single eye at the centre of its trunk.  It's still not as manlike my first fig suggestion, though.

If you buy this pack, remember to use the Enchanted Eye for Othuyeg  The Doom-Walker

Quachil Uttaus (Great Old One)
Use the mummy without the club from Chariot Miniatures (http://www.navigatorminiatures.com/product.asp?numRecordPosition=9&P_ID=705&strPageHistory=cat&strKeywords=&SearchFor=&PT_ID=1172), if you interpret this as a miniature wrapped mummy:

Sculpting Mods: Add claws.  I would probably replace the head with a 25mm sized noggin.

If you have an old Grenadier Wizzards and Warriors W32 Earth Elemental kicking around, or if you can find one at an auction, it would do for a small and more personified version.


(Photographer unknown; Source: Lost Minis Wiki)

Post Script: And now that I look again at the RAFM Great Cthulhu, he does look pregnant, and the large circular patches on his head could easily be painted to represent Cthylla's six eyes. My RAFM fig is destined to become the Secret Daughter of Cthulhu. Guess I'll really have to find the funding to get that Strange Aeons Godling... what's a CoC gamemaster to do without a Cthulhu fig?

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Summanus,  Lord of Hell, Monarch of Night, The Terror that Walketh in Darkness (Great Old One)
Heresy  HV012 Dark Lord (£2.75)
Sculptor: Unknown  Concept: Unknown  Painter: Stuart Atkins

Sculpting Mods: Add a hint of tentacles coming out from under the robe and paint the mouth as if it was painted on. (He's got no mouth... at least not on his face!)

An alternative:
Reaper 03438  Darkspawn Cultist and Minion ($6.29)
Sculptor: Bob Ridolfi Concept: Unknown  Painter: n/a

Sculpting Mods: none necessary, but you might want to disguise the facial tentacles as a beard.  Maybe. I’d be tempted to buy two... one for the disguise in beard, the other for the facial tentacles. I’d get rid of the weapons or convert them to something else. Paint the tentacles very pale, almost white... since he siphons blood with them, you can put a little gore on them, too.

Debut: "What Dark God?" (1975) by Brian Lumley. This being was invented for the Mythos and based on the Roman deity of nightly thunder of the same name, which means "before the morning."  Lumley brings back Summanus in his story ""The Fairground Horror"" (1976)

”'Quiet' ordered that echoing voice from unknown spaces - and of course, his painted, false mouth never moved. I was right; I had been hypnotized, not dreaming at all. That false mouth - Walker in Darkness - Monarch of Night - Lord of Hell - the Liturgy to Summanus . . .
     I opened my mouth in amazement and horror, but before I could utter more than one word - 'Summanus'- something happened.
     His waist-coal slid to one side near the bottom and a long, white, tapering tentacle with a blood- red tip slid into view. That tip hovered, snake-like, for a moment over my petrified face - and then struck. As if someone had taken a razor to it, my face opened up and the blood began to gush.
     I fell to my knees in shock, too terrified even to yell out, automatically reaching for my handkerchief; and when next I coweringly looked up, Funny-Mouth had gone.” –  "What Dark God?" (1975) by Brian Lumley

Note: The rites needed for the worship of Summanus are found in the Tuscan Rituals.

dreamingleopard score for this entry: 4

Shathak, wife of Tsathoggua, Mistress of the Abyssmal Slime, Death Reborn (Great Old One)
DragonRune Miniatures by Armorcast Battlefield Terrain ACDM002 The Kraken ($50.00) 
Sculptor: Clint Staples Concept: Unknown  Painter: n/a
(The size of a dinner plate, resin and pewter model in 10 pieces)

Sculpting Mods: none

An alternative:
Reaper 03230  Goroloth ($44.49)
Sculptor: Michael Brower Concept: Unknown  Painter: n/a

Sculpting Mods: none

Debut: "The Family Tree of the Gods" (1934) by Clark Ashton Smith

”Tsathoggua, nonanthropomophic of feral feeding, has given monsterous beautiful seed of mateship to Shathak, terpsichorian where plants devour the animalistic for foetus deep withing bowels and womb of living, erupting earth that knows so well scars of birth and pangs of death... psychopompian dance partners...infinite improvisational steps, positions they can teach...liquid stone fluids fluidity bowers discharged, nurture the unity of two forbidden knowledge givers where cadavers' shadows cower - so let us drink to that on the passing hours.”–  "Tsathoggua And Shathak Mate" by Frederick J. Mayer.

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Where are all these "great old ones" coming from. I don't recognize many of them, and I'm a sort of Cthulhu nut (go figure) myself. Cool stuff, keep it coming.

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